Finally Colorado

Fri, Sept 23, 2016

After a leisurely five day drive across the Heartland, Carol and I arrived in Fort Collins last night.   We’re planning two nights here for some R&R and then we’ll head west over the Rockies to Utah.

Six years ago, I was working on a project to convert algae oil to fuel and we were generously funded by Obama’s stimulus program.  One of our partners was located here as they were affiliated with Colorado State University (Go Rams!).  I’d been here before and really liked it so it was an easy decision to stop here on our way down to Denver.

Today is a layover day so Carol and I went out for a hike in Lory State Park.  A really nice place that was once a homestead that grew into 3,500 acres.  Colorado bought the land and now there’s a playground for the locals.

We did the self-guided Well Gulch Nature Trail.  The whole 1.4 miles.  Perfect.  Here’s Carol and TiVo with the Horsetooth Reservoir in background.


Tomorrow we head up I-70 into the Rockies.  Yippee!

3 thoughts on “Finally Colorado

  1. Did you save up a few days worth of posts? Cuz I thought I had been checking in, and today there are several log entries. Good stories! And pictures. Regarding Ogalalla, if I recall correctly, that is where Augustus Call went to meet the love of his life in the book (and movie) Lonesome Dove.

    Are you stopping in or around Boulder, too? We have restaurant recommendations.


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