When a Dog Follows

Wed, Sept 21, 2016

We’re camped in an area where the dirt roads are laid out in one mile squares.  So I thought it’d be easy to lay out a run that was 2 miles west, two north, two east and then two back to camp.

So I headed out feeling good despite the warm breeze out of the south.  About a mile and half in, I came upon this beautiful family farmhouse.  Fresh white paint, beautiful flowers, lots of green grass and large silos by the garage.  A really nice set-up.


After clicking the shot, a beautiful black and grey dog came running up.  At first, I was a bit apprehensive but she turned out to be really friendly so no worries.

I restarted my run and she followed with her long legs making it look so easy.  Her game was leapfrog in which she’d sprint ahead and then stop to sniff something on the side of the road.  I’d pass her and then a few moments later she’d go streaking by only to stop again.  So leapfrog it is.

After about a mile, I started to worry about her getting too hot and/or losing her way.  On the approach to the I-80 overpass, I stopped and tried to get her to turn back.  On the third attempt, it worked and I lost sight of her due to the pitch in the overpass.

Relieved, I started running again again only to have her come streaking by.  Leapfrog was back on.  So off we went and I realized that I was really enjoying her company.

But I also knew that she’d bonk and I didn’t want it too happen on the far side of the loop.  How then to get her back home?

The answer was to make a U-turn at the 4 mile mark and backtrack to her home.  So that’s what we did.  And then the bonk hit, all she could do was walk at an easy pace.  So we slowed and worked our way back to the farm.


As I stood outside, the owner came out.  Really nice guy.  Said that she followed all of the runners.  Nothing to worry about.  Now he tells me.  Here she is.


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