‘We Have Red and White’

Thu, Sept 22, 2016

Carol and I are camping in Ogallala, a small town in Nebraska. Named for the Oglala Sioux tribe.

Back in the day, the town was quite a doozy as a terminus for cattle drives.  This became possible only when the Union Pacific connected the town back to Texas.  Ogallal was also a stop on the Pony Express and later along the transcontinental railroad.  Yee Hah!

There’s a tourist trap called Front Street that has a bar and restaurant.  So naturally we had to go.  Walked right in with TiVo in tow hoping no one would say anything.  Carol carried a blanket so we covered a chair and had him sit right up 🙂

When the waitress came over, I asked about wine and she gave the classic response: ‘We have red and white’. Uh oh.

So I ordered a vodka martini and the waitress turned to Carol who said:  ‘I’ll have a beer’.  I only hear those words about twice a year.  LOL


5 thoughts on “‘We Have Red and White’

  1. Dave-

    I grew up above the Ogallala aquifer. It is the largest in the US and, to answer a previous commenter, they’re not managing it well at all; it’s on its way to depletion.

    All I can say about the alcoholic drink choices is, in that part of the country, just be glad you had the opportunity to choose. There are still lots of dry counties and locations where you have to join a “club” to buy a drink.


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