KOA and the Heartland

Mon, Sept 19, 2016

Carol and I left Minnesota yesterday and we’re in Iowa today and heading to Nebraska tomorrow. The Heartland.

It’s kind of funny but we’ve been staying in KOA’s.  Totally family friendly.

If you’ve never been to one, KOA is Kampgrounds of America.  All camping related words that start with a ‘C’ are spelled with a ‘K’.  Sort of Korny, no?

What’s nice about KOA is that it’s like McDonald’s.  You pull into a new city and you know exactly what you’re going to get.  No surprises.  Every evening I log on, enter my frequent Camper Rewards Kard and bingo, I have a site.  Easy peasy.

At this KOA, they take family friendly to a new level.  Our site is on Barnyard Row which is next to Kornfield Kourt.  Kamp K9 is over there.

Here’s our site at last night’s KOA.  Korn, anyone?


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