Land of Lakes

Fri, Sept 16, 2016

Minnesota is known as the Land of Lakes and a quick look at a map will tell you why.  The license plates are adorned with ‘10,000 Lakes’ but there are over 15,000 that are greater than 10 acres and many more that are smaller.  These lakes were formed by advancing glaciers that scooped and pushed soil during the last ice age leaving depressions in their wake.  In time, they filled with water.

Most lakes are clear enough to drink but not recommended where motor boats are allowed.  In the Boundary Waters Canoe Area up north, it’s paddle power only so all you need for a drink is to dip your cup in the water.

With so many lakes, it’s no wonder that fishing is a favorite pastime with walleye (for eating) and musky (trophy) two popular fish.  If you’re ever out there, you’re likely to see a loon, the state bird (although others will argue that honor should go to the mosquito).

It’s also no wonder that having a lake cabin on one of the lakes is treasured up here.  Growing up, we weren’t so fortunate but my sister has corrected that and her two boys grew up spending weekends fishing at their cabin.

Here’s a shot of the area where my buddy has his place.  If you’re wondering if the shores are lined with cabins, my response is ‘you betcha’ 🙂


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