Sweaty Palms in Butte

Sept 1, 2016

Carol and I bid adieu to Glacier this morning and had a beautiful and uneventful drive to Butte.  Uneventful until the city limits that is.

The weather was sunny this morning with increasing clouds throughout the day.  On our approach to Butte, we drove into some dark clouds and gusting winds.  From reading the Airstream forums, everyone has their white knuckles day and today I had mine.

We’re cruising along at 73 mph on I-90 (speed limit is 80!) when the Airstream started to sway.  I’m holding the steering wheel with both hands and the Cayenne is tracking straight but we could feel the trailer shifting back and forth.  And I couldn’t reach my hand controller for the Airstream brakes because it was on the floor on the passenger side and Carol was relaxing in the back.  We slowed and it mellowed out but the adrenaline rush was no small boost.

The cause was gusting wind and more is forecasted for tomorrow.  Guess I’ll slow down 😦


4 thoughts on “Sweaty Palms in Butte

  1. Holy crap!! Brings a memory….many years ago, I was following a friend who was towing a U-Haul trailer behind his car. He started to speed a bit, and the trailer swerved back and forth in a pretty violent fashion; he very nearly lost control of the car. C’mon, Dr. Dave, you know better!!!

    Cher and I are enjoying the daily blogs. Keep ’em coming!


  2. We enjoy reading your blog. They are well written and informative. We have not come up against gusting winds, but then we have not ventured far from home. I try to stay at 55 MPH. I am impressed that Carol drove on the twisty roads. Carol H. has yet to drive with the trailer in tow. Keep the blogs coming.


    • Hey Dave. Some retired friends of mine that have had a gigundo mobile home for many years said they like Winnebago thing much better cuz it doesn’t sway in the wind. So I guess that’s to be expected. Awesome blog, keep it going.


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