The Stinky Slinky

Aug 30, 2016

Modern RV’s have three tanks:  fresh water, grey water and black water.  I don’t think I need to explain the latter.

When RV parks advertise full hook-ups, they mean water, electricity and sewer.  The first two are easy but the sewer not so much.  Standard practice is to buy a 20′ compressable hose that resembles a slinky.   It stores in a dedicated tube under the trailer and is handled with disposal gloves.   Same for Arnold and girly man.

For the past two weeks, my hose has been au naturel  i.e., without support.  The trailer hook-up is about 18″ above the ground and the sewer hookup varies from 0 to 12″.  This means you have a droop and that’s something you don’t want to dry out.  So Carol and I hit Camping World this morning in Spokane.  Bought a bridge.  No droop  🙂

The business end of our Airstream.



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