Crossing the Columbia River

Aug 26, 2016

Our next stop was the KOA at Bay Center / Walapa Bay, about four hours north.  I considered crossing the Columbia River into Washington to be a milestone and boy was it a doozy.

We had crossed a few bridges in Oregon that shared the same traits:  constructed of steel, green and very narrow.  So it was no surprise to see the same architecture on our approach to the Columbia River bridge.  But this one was big.  Very Big.

As I approached the incline, I started to feel a little, well, anxiety.  The lanes were narrow with virtually no shoulder and we were way above the water.  Next thing I know I’ve got sweaty palms and my heart is beating just a bit faster.  I’m thinking “Carol, grab the wheel” but didn’t say anything since she was actually in the back seat with TiVo.  I just held on until we were safely down the back side.  Whew!

Here’s the bad boy on the approach.


After setting up camp, I walked down to the beach to find some of the locals clamming as the tide was rolling in.  It’s a rich field and and most came away with some nice sized buckets.  This beach was special, calm winds, calm water and lots of clams.


Since the fog had rolled out and the air clarity perfect, I went back down at sunset to look for the elusive green flash.  This occurs just after sunset because the atmosphere can cause the light from the sun to separate into different colors.  I’ve seen plenty of pictures of it but never experienced it.  And tonight was no different 😦  Still beautiful…


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