Bandon, OR

Aug 23, 2016

Traveling four hours west we reached Bullard’s Beach where we escaped the heat and welcomed the coastal fog. Daytime temps were 60’s ­- 70’s with nights in the 50’s. Perfect! Bullard’s Beach is a beautiful campground and we set up camp and then headed into Bandon, just ten minutes south.

Bandon is the quaint little town which has since become famous for the Bandon Dunes golf resort that’s just five min north of our campgrounds.  We went into town for an adult beverage and some calamari but it wasn’t up to the Vasco standard.  And boy, do we miss the crowd at Vasco.


Then back to Bullard’s and down to the beach by the lighthouse. Got driftwood?


You know how people like to show pics of their kids? We don’t have any but I didn’t want to disappoint. Here’s TiVo, our 5 yr old oversized Yorkie.


On the next day, we went up to Coos Bay for lunch and ended up in a German restaurant.  Not sure how that happened…

Then back to Bandon to shoot the Haystacks but still too much fog.  But TiVo had fun 🙂


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