Crater Lake

Aug 21, 2016

After Bend, we drove down to Crater Lake for a couple of days ­ which was spectacular! We have only seen it from the air but up close it’s amazing. Deepest lake in the US and words can’t describe how blue the water is.

Crater Lake Pano

The weather has been really hot during the days (thankfully we have great A/C in the rig) so last Sunday night, we opened a BR window and turned on the ceiling fan. When I got up Mon morning, my weather station showed 39F outside and 41 inside. A bit cold but relief from the daytime heat. So the next night, we left the window open but turned off the fan. Not sure what we were thinking as we were at 6,000 ft near Crater Lake. In the morning, it was 31F out but still 41F in. Yes Carol loves her comforter and TiVo isn’t half bad as a foot warmer 🙂

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