Bend, OR

Aug 19, 2016

We’ve wanted to visit Bend for a long time and were happy to finally arrive.  We booked a site at the posh Crown Villa RV Park and we were not disappointed: parking on pavers, full cable TV, land yachts as sophisticated as the lunar lander and hosts as sweet as they come. Boy, we were set up for future disappointments.


Bend was really awesome once we got over the shock of seeing so many slackers smoking cigarettes on the downtown corners.  And smoking itself wasn’t disappointing, it was what they were smoking.  Had it been the good stuff, then I’d have a smile for them.  Oh well…

Next we toured some neighborhoods to see what a buck buys and we were pretty happy about what we saw.  We also stopped at Aubrey Glen Golf Club on the west side and the area was really beautiful.  Too bad I didn’t have time to play…



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